The Dumb-inati

To the perpetrators and those approached to take part.

There is nothing more cowardly, amoral and pathetic.

This is the only line of work in which the more you give of yourself the less you progress as a human being.

You will become so indoctrinated in the program that you will lose yourself.

You will lose your morals, standards, aims, ambitions, self-respect, self-worth, dignity, pride, personality and character and all with the false promise of power.

Once you are in, you are in and there’s no going back.  When it comes to the final chapter , there are two types of people, those who are free and those who are not.

You have sold yourself.

For those of you not aware you may even be used to assist with paedophilia and interfering with children.

You will have traded your once precious lives to push a button (skills of a newborn child) and be a coward.

You are a pawn in a game that is so much bigger than you.

You were not chosen for your high IQ, in fact the very opposite.  Only an unintelligent dweeb could take so much pleasure in something so tedious, monotonous and downright boring.

By your very involvement in these atrocities you have proven yourself to be untrustworthy and have no value.

Even the very people (I use that term loosely) you work for believe that you are the lowest possible scum on this earth and by your cruel, pathetic, weak actions you prove them right.

There is a reason the target is the lead and you follow. They are better than you!

This culling of all the kind, creative, loving, good-natured intelligent people is what makes me so angry and determined to hold out for as long as I possibly can in this living nightmare.

Can you imagine the world being left to rot with these power-hungry, sold-out, dumb-dumb, fuck-wit, rent-boys and whores?

No way, I’m here to stay.

Keep the faith (If not in God then in yourself)

Know that this wicked , evil behaviour is unnatural and not the way that human beings are destined to behave.

As the late, great Bob Marley once sang “I believe in the victory of Good over Evil”.

Karma is a bitch motherfuckers, by trying to control another human being and take away their freedom, it is them themselves who have become controlled, enslaved and have no life.

After being a victim for such a long period of time, I have many involved in my particular program and seeing their pathetic movements is as funny as it is a sad indictment of the world in which we live.

I have seen young boys duck down as I look outside, grown men (supposedly) holler names and drive off or hide being bushes??????

As much as we targets are in a constant battle to stay alive at least we are fighting for our freedom (Pen is mightier than the sword)

I mean imagine being told when to put one foot in front of the other, when to stay still, literally when to make a move, they are not in the army (unless the wussy-army is nationally recognised).  These perps are controlled and have no freedom already because they are that short-sighted.  How ironic?



Sense-ual assault

All of the senses are being assaulted in my case of victimization and non consensual human experimentation.
Sight –

They make sure I can see cars parked outside or near my home and then holler and drive off.                                         My eyes are made to roll around in my head as my eyes are closed when I am trying to sleep.
They flash their lights at my windows in the dark.
The make the lights in my home flicker.
They project holographic images into my brain whilst I am trying to sleep.


This is my major ‘program’.
I am subjected to verbal abuse conducted via every thing in close proximity to me i.e automobiles, lawnmowers, hairdryers, the fridge, the tv etc
As I was past the radio I cause interference with the soundwaves – clearly whatever radiofrequency device is implanted in me is causing interference.
They can talk directly to my head, also known as V2K, their voices projected directly to my brain.
They can also use whatever equipment they have to make their voices come over mine and those around me, i.e when you hear someone saying I heard the voice of God or something before committing some sort of crime, they may not necessarily be crazy……………there is technology out there that can do that.

Smell- Sometimes I smell a metallic scent or burning odour I can only assume that this is something to do with the radiation used in these weapons.

Touch –
The instruments used by the slaves can be used to assault this sense in a variety of ways imitating actual physiological symptoms.
Vibrations – As discussed by some of the Guantanomo Bay prisoners they can cause all or part of your body to vibrate and shake uncontrollably.  They especially like to do this when I am trying to rest, like an epileptic fit or spasm.
Pain- Some of the weapons can be used to send pain targeted to a specific area of the body.
Heart- These devils also have the technology to make your heart rate speed up or slow down, causing palpitations and in some cases heart attack/organ failure.

The Free World

This title of this post is initially in relation to the results of the US presidential election. I kept hearing that statement about ‘The Free World’ which really angered me considering the situation that I and many other victims of this horrendous situation find ourselves in with our human rights violated all whilst supposedly living in ‘The Free World’.
What does it say about the morals and values of ‘the Free World’ and the ideology of the populace when they choose to elect a man who openly makes racist comments, a man who mocks women, a man who has been accused of rape/sexual assault on more than one occasion and a man whose parents were members of the KKK for more than 50 years.
Hmmm, ‘The Free World’.
“None are more enslaved than those who foolishly believe they are free”.
Although this mind control and human rights abuse is a global pandemic, it is more established in Westernised countries (The Free World) as they have the financial means to implement the program with its associated costs for the surveillance, implants and weaponry/technology.

Quality of Life

Throughout this tumultous episode of my life, I have stayed true to myself, my nature and my character. I find that my having a good sense of humour has helped tremendously in livng with and overcoming this dreadful situation. I have to be able to find humour in things that are so not funny, sounds strange but it helps me to cope and remember who I am.

For example I have recently started a part-time job at a care home.  as part of their care and quality assessment they distribute a questionnaire called ‘Quality of Life’, this is an opportunity for residents to comment about their lives at the home and further understands what needs are being met, or exceeded and what needs improving.

As secretary its in the remit of my position to administer the quality of life questionnaire and responses.

Well, how ironic !!!!

Quality of Life eh?

I’m dealing with a quality of life questionnaire whilst these cretins are insulting me by the kettle, photocopier, the rustle of paper and even the toilet flushing. Not one person in this so called ‘care’ home has raised the issue or asked if I was ok.  what about my quality of life.

The more I thought about it, the more funny it seemed, I nearly fell off my chair laughing.

Quality of Life indeed!



To those of you who have been directed to this site via my distribution of the information leaflet, please bear in mind my blog is only in its infancy.

I should of begun doing this a long, long time ago but with all the extra unworldly stress whilst dealing with everyday life its not been easy.

I have the duties of being a mother, work responsibilities and have been finishing my book.  I plan to complete the book by September (currently at 15,000 words) and will ship orders asap.

I hope you understand in light of these factors my blog is a bit sparse, as it was only created a couple of weeks ago.  However I will endeavour to provide updates at least once a week (God willing) so keep checking in.

Organised stalking basics

Basically, the simplest and most pure definition is that gang stalking is multiple bullies attacking one person.
Gang stalking is organised harassment at it’s best. It the targeting of an individual for revenge, jealousy, sport, or to keep them quite, etc.

It’s organised, widespread, and growing. Some describe this form of harassment as, “A psychological attack that can completely destroy a persons life, while leaving little or no evidence to incriminate the perpetrators.”

2. Who gets targeted

The people getting targeted seem to be (single) woman, minorities, outspoken individuals, whistle blowers, dissidents, people who have gone against large corporations, etc.

Goals of this hate campaign.

The goal is to sensitize the target to a stimuli, isolate the target, make them destitute. The secondary goals seem to be to make the target homeless, jobless, give them a breakdown, and the primary goals seems to be to drive the target to suicide.

4. Who gang stalks.

The surprising thing is that gang stalkers can be found in every level of society. There is no real age barrier, gender barrier, and a variety of races do participate. In almost every occupation in society you can find people who are going along with this.

Gang stalking for many is seen as a game, a sport to be played with another individuals life. Many do not understand or care that the end consequence of this game is to destroy a person.

Groups of people, or, loosely organised people pick a target, and attempt to destroy the victims life in any way that they can.

They attempt to scare and terrorise their target, causing anxiety and other problems. The gang stalkers also try to make the victim look paranoid. This can also be a cause for firing him, or for people to help ostracise him.

Gang StalkGnGgggggGg
Gangstalkingiis stalking by more than one person to a victim, usually involving community harassment, or the “mob”, using people from all backgrounds and vocations to harass, tracking 24/7, sometimes organizing lethal vehicle accidents, poisoinings, electronic harassment, home invasions/property destruction, corrupt or ignorant doctor diagnosis given to stamp the victim as bogus mentally ill with delusions, paranoi, or schizophrenia, etc. Everything is done covertly, and with a sophisticated real time dispatching system to organize the criminals’ harassments and attacks, often in the hundreds to thousands of criminals participating as a coordinated mob at any given time while the criminals due their normal routines of work, shopping, commuting to and from work, leisure, etc., using the method of moving foot and vehicular surveillance techniques and computers, cell phones , verbal and visual cues, and every other conceivable type of communication.


Propaganda – information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote a cause or point of view.

Those of you who have been directed to this site by myself will be aware of the constant namecalling and insults directed at myself.  This is all just propoganda to shift your focus way from what is really happening here. I plan to use this site to raise awareness and expose the true nature of what maight initially be seen as ‘namecalling’.  The namecalling is just the tip of the iceberg and I owe it to myself and to humanity to tell the truth of my experience which has lasted well over 15 years.

Propoganda is misinformation designed to draw your attention away from what the real situation is.  Another way of lying, ignoring the truth and pointing you in another direction.

This is used all the time to control peoples thoughts and sway their opinions by not providing the real issue or facts but steering public opinion towards a certain view.